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Automatic identification of the content displayed on television ideas for illustration essay topics bestessayhere.com, providing, in tablet, related and synchronized further information.


Display screen of additional information related to the television program and the index of the content detected by the application.


Submitting notifications whenever new content is identified and new information is available to the user.


Content filtering categories. Example: Places (location, architecture, scenic spots, weather).


Share on social networks and e-mail of the additional information detected and presented by the application in the main screen.


Archiving of detected content for later viewing. The contents are kept until they are deleted by the user.


User-classification of the additional information presented.


Possibility to schedule warnings (notifications) from the beginning of programs. Integration with television programming from the list of channels/programs.

Back Office

Solution Configuration: process images (live&VOD) and match requests amid app&content; configure markers (VOD); user profiles handling; stats reports.




The 2ndVision is based on an Event-Driven Architecture (EDA), which meets high performance in real-time events, immediate action to the consumers, “fire & forget” integration and a quality service with the shortest waiting time possible.

This architecture is composed by a series of modules, namely the Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) which gears the second screen device with the ability to perceive the content which is being visualized; via the indexed markers by the ACR module, the solution has a Recommendation Engine that is responsible for the creation of additional contents; the Audience Engager module is responsible for obtaining user profiles through their interaction with the solution; through the Advertising and Campaign Planning Engine it becomes possible to manage campaigns and advertisements related to the indexed content; in order to guarantee the persistent and in cache content management, the Content Repository module uses relational and non-relational systems for data management; the module responsible for the configuration of the solution, match requests processing between the app and content, markers configuration, image processing, users profile configuration and statistical reports generation is the Back Office; the Gamification Engine attributes a gamming environment to the 2ndVision and generates quizzes, polls, leaderboards, among other forms of engaging the user; finally, the Client Gateway is the communication channel between the API’s and allows the interaction between the mobile app and the backend of the solution.




With over 500 employees, Altran Portugal, today is one of the leading players in the Innovation Consulting and Technology in Portugal. Present in various sectors of activity such as Financial, Telecommunications & Media, Public Administration, Industry and Utilities the structure-activity in the sale of innovative solutions. With a distinctive business model, the offer is structured into four business lines: Intelligent Systems; Information Systems; Experience Lifecycle; Mechanical Engineering.



Outsoft is a young and creative software company, founded in 2005, with a large experience of software development in the telecommunications and system information areas. Composed by 70 software engineers, with activity spanning also to Mobile Applications and Enterprise Web Applications. Main activity is custom software development, but building on investigation and innovation offering some own products ready to be integrated or adapted to customer activity.

University of Aveiro

University of Aveiro

The CETAC.MEDIA SocialiTV group develops its activity in the field of Interactive TV and content. It focus in the trans disciplinary research covering fields like: the study of the new television ecosystem; the integration of social features in this ecosystem; cross platform solutions (secondary screen); and the conceptualization, development and evaluation (in lab and field trials) of the usability and user experience of new services and applications to specific contexts and/or users.


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